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Engineering Design and Development

Over the last several years Bharat Seats Ltd has developed in-house capability to design, perform simulation, benchmark and develop prototypes. Our in-house testing and validation facility (NABL certified) enables us to do complete validation of the products. This lab is co-related with our customers and we can perform all important tests in-house. Our team continuously receives technology support and training from our Global Technology Partners that enables us to adopt latest technology in our products and processes.

CAD and CAE Capability

The design team uses CAD and CAE tools to validate the Product Design for strength, durability and ergonomics. This assists in developing seats with high strength to weight ratio providing optimized solutions to our customers.

Simulation Capability

Our team is capable in performing simulation and giving necessary feedbacks to our customer which includes product virtual validation, manufacturability, possible design improvements and cost improvement proposals.

Prototyping Facility

We have Prototyping facility and Tool Room with VMC and conventional machines. This helps us to develop our own prototypes, jigs and fixtures to validate the process and manufacturing concepts quickly before starting manufacture of production tools.

Product Validation Lab

A fully equipped Product Validation facility is set up in-house. We have dedicated testing infrastructure for complete Seats, Seating Parts, Body Sealing Parts and NVH Parts. New test and validation equipment is added from time to time to meet customer requirements